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WestfordCAT Board of Directors will meet on Thursday, July 16 at 7pm (Zoom link:

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The following are articles taken from the Westford Eagle website.

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If you're interested in programs that the Westford community likes to watch or create, you've come to the right place. The shows produced here have a lot to do with local history, local government, economic growth and development, local events, original music, Indian culture, and the services that many organizations offer in and around town.

We have three local television channels in Westford:

Public Bug Red Our Public Access programs are found on Comcast 8 and Verizon 35. We showcase programs that are produced or sponsored by community members. WestfordCAT can also produce programs.



Government Bug Red Our Government Access channels, Comcast 9 and Verizon 34, is where we run all of our live and recorded town government meetings, and other programs produced by state and local government agencies.



Education Bug Red Our Education Access channels are Comcast 99 and Verizon 33. Anything with educational content, school sports, or other programs created by the students, teachers or school administrators are found here.



Cat Whiskers We also have a YouTube Channel where viewers can watch many of the programs we produce in high definition.