Next Board Meeting will be August 19 (3rd Thursday), Held on Zoom:

Annual Membership Meeting will be held on WED, June 23, 6 - 8pm, held at WestfordCAT, 487 Groton Road

New! Virtual Reality Lab and 360 Video Tour



Come see WestfordCAT's new Virtual Reality Lab where members and visitors can experience emerging 360 3D video technology.

Use our HTC Vive equipment to enter and interact within a number of virtual spaces using a variety of Steam applications including Job Simulator, Beat Saber, and The Lab. You can also view a variety of immersive 360 3D video with our Oculus Go.

We have a 360 3D Vuze camera for use in experimenting and working with 360 video. Are you interested in learning how to record 360 video? Give us a call!


You can also check out our 360 tour of WestfordCAT, recorded and prepared by our 2019 Westford Academy interns Brendan Berg and Matt Doherty:

360 Virtual Tour of WestfordCAT