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Equipment Check Out

Here's some of the equipment available at WestfordCAT to help you get the best possible recording of your community event. 

Members can log in and identify which equipment you would like to reserve here. After you submit your request, we will contact you to confirm your reservation. 


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Sony Wireless Handheld Microphone

This is a hand-held wireless microphone. It's uni-directional and its run time is up to 6 hours. 

Common Use: Used for indoor and outdoor interviews.

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The boompole is designed to get microphone as close as possible to the source while still remaining off camera. Leightweight and easy to use.

Common Use: Used as an extension for your shot gun microphone.

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Desktop Microphone Stand

This small microphone stand is used for holding a microphone on tables or desktops.

Common Use: Used for holding a microphone.

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Long Microphone Stand

Tripod base microphone allows you to angle the microphone however it's needed it. This mic stand collapses and folds for easy transport.

Common Use: Used for holding a microphone.

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