Next Board Meeting will be August 19 (3rd Thursday), Held on Zoom:

Annual Membership Meeting will be held on WED, June 23, 6 - 8pm, held at WestfordCAT, 487 Groton Road

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WestfordCAT has two services to keep our visitors and viewers informed on local news and happenings:


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Our news site is updated daily, keeping Westford readers up-to-date on local happenings. We welcome contributors to submit stories and our readers can receive weekday morning updates via email by subscribing to WestfordCAT News Online.



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Our weekly news telecast features segments on local government, schools, business, organizations and upcoming events. We also include special segments by community members like health tips, weather, and an events report. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to participate with their own segments. The telecast airs on our public access channels weekdays at 6:30pm and weekends at 7pm. Or you can go to its channel page and watch it on demand.