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 p/w = WCAT.     Agenda will be posted here before the meeting.

Ongoing e-waste collection by appointment with a donation. Call 978-692-7152 to schedule.

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2015 Annual Report

2015 Annual Report of Westford Community Access Television, Inc.

Presented on: Thursday, June 23, 2016 

  • Public Access: Comcast channels 8 & 908, Verizon channel 35
  • Education Access:  Comcast channels 99 & 909, Verizon channel 33
  • Government Access: Comcast channels 9 & 910, Verizon channel 34

Westford Community Television, Inc.


487 Groton Road Unit B, PO BOX 1037, Westford, MA 01886


F: 978-692-5246


Board of Directors and Officers as of January 1, 2015
  • Ira Keltz, President
  • Debra Ryan, Vice President
  • Tracey Tebrow, Clerk
  • David Brown, Treasurer
  • Nancy Burns, Director
  • Kelly Ross, Westford Board of Selectmen Liaison
  • Margaret Murray, Westford School Committee Liaison
  • Carol Heidenrich, Nashoba Valley Technical High School Committee Liaison
Board of Directors and Officers as of December 31, 2015
  • Ira Keltz, President
  • Nancy Burns, Vice President
  • Tracey Tebrow, Clerk
  • David Brown, Treasurer
  • Kelly Ross, Westford Board of Selectmen Liaison
  • Avery Adam, Westford School Committee Liaison
  • Carol Heidenrich, Nashoba Valley Technical High School Committee Liaison
Committees During 2015
Executive Committee
  • Ira Keltz, Chair
  • Nancy Burns, Vice President
  • Tracey Tebrow, Clerk
  • David Brown, Treasurer
 Search Committee
  • Ira Keltz
  • Carol Heidenrich
  • Nancy Burns
Marketing Committee
  • Sarah Fletcher
  • Nancy Burns
  • Tracey Tebrow

Board of Directors

There were more changes to the WestfordCAT Board of Directors in 2015. Tracey Tebrow joined us in the role of Clerk, Nancy Burns was elected Vice President, and David Brown from Enterprise Bank continued as our Treasurer. Kelly Ross stayed on as our Board of Selectmen liaison. Carol Heidenrich continued representing the Nashoba Valley Technical School Committee as its liaison. Margaret Murray stepped down from her Westford Public Schools liaison position and was replaced by Avery Adam, and I continued for another year in the role of President.

Financial Statement

WestfordCAT has engaged Anstiss & Co., P.C. to conduct a review of our financial statements. While we did have a positive cash flow this year, we also experienced a larger than anticipated amount of depreciation expense resulting in a negative change in net assets for the second year in a row.  When budgeting for 2015 we expected the Comcast contract renewal to be completed no later than June. However, it did not happen until September.

Cash..................................... $350,258

Short-term Investments...........  $45,956

 Accounts Receivable............... $116,968

 Accounts Payable...................... $2,824

 Franchise Fees...................... $376,686

 Capital Grants................................ $0

 Change in Net Assets............ $(34,039)


Lauren Horton, Executive Director

Andrew Sylvia, News Director

Patty Stocker, Production Technician

Sarah Fletcher, Marketing Outreach Manager

Nick Woodbury, Production Technician

Steve Edwards, Programming Coordinator


There is great value in sponsoring community television in Westford. The reach is indeed local with well over 7,500 cable subscribers in town. Add to that our ability to stream programming on our website and share web links and our reach expands. Our state and national media exchange networks allow neighboring towns easy and free access to our content. Our YouTube presence and other social media platforms allow us to share programs without boundaries, creating a great marketing reach opportunity for local businesses.

In 2015, we added 11 channel sponsors, which we acknowledge daily on our community bulletin boards that run on our channels between scheduled programming, on our websites, and in our newsletters:

  • Boston Dowsers
  • Nab One Stop Shop
  • Roudenbush Community Center
  • Enterprise Bank
  • Cameron Senior Center
  • Rotary Club of Westford
  • Mary Kay Consultant, Gwen Regan
  • Robert Feins, MD
  • CC Machine
  • Edward Jones Investments
  • Westfit Clubs

2015 New & Renewing Members

  • Betsy Beach                           
  • Eric Bernstein
  • Carol Bousquet                      
  • Zac Cataldo
  • Edward Cohen                       
  • David Crocker Jr
  • Donna Deschenes                  
  • Victoria Donescu
  • Sarah Fletcher            
  • Dennis Galvin
  • Geoffrey Hall             
  • Scott Harkness
  • Kaylee Hartnett                     
  • David Johnson
  • Sheldon Kolansky                  
  • Christopher Lilly
  • Norman Lux
  • Kathleen Lynch
  • Etienne Marchione
  • Linda Marple
  • Gerry Mickle
  • Lynne McEwan                     
  • Jon Myerov
  • Audrey O'Brien
  • Joseph Power
  • Thomas Pritchard
  • Franny Reynolds
  • Carolyn Ricciardi
  • Ann Rosas
  • Don Siriani
  • John Smith
  • Mark Souza
  • Susan Spuhler
  • Andrew Sylvia
  • Marshall Tisdale
  • Jeff Tucker
  • Richard Turcot

Bulletin Boards

Between scheduled programming, WestfordCAT runs public service announcements and bulletin board announcements on each channel. These bulletin board slides provide local information and announce upcoming events. Messages for the bulletin boards can be submitted through our website, by emailing or by sending a fax to 978-692-5246.

WestfordCAT recognizes the timeliness of the community information that is presented on our bulletin boards and strives to post information in the most expedient and visually impacting manner.

In 2015, 122 bulletin board announcement requests were submitted by the community, 66 more than we received last year, representing over a 200% increase.

Additionally, 16 public service announcements were added to the channels in 2015, a little less than half the amount added in 2014. However, we also produced and added 55 CAT Tracks to the channels, short informational videos that usually accompany WestfordCAT News articles about people and events around Westford. 

Letter from the President, Ira Keltz

Dear Friends,

I am thrilled to announce that 2015 was an incredible year for WestfordCAT as an organization.  We incrementally improved each of our area of operation and have set ourselves up for even bigger changes going forward. Due to our marketing, training, and outreach programs, there are more new locally produced series, more volunteers from the community and local schools, and a much higher quality of productions with our new studio equipment, tools and talented staff. In 2015, we put a lot of focus on WestfordCAT News with our goal of becoming our community’s ‘go-to’ place for local news. We won several awards over the year. Our website was recognized by the Hometown Video Awards as the best website for studios with operating budgets between $300K - $650K. WestfordCAT also won an Alliance for Community Media (ACM-NE) first place award for The Richardson Method in the Health, Science, and Spirituality Production category.   And we won the ‘Best Small Tree’ category at the ‘Festival of Trees’ event at the Westford Regency.

We have also seen various staff changes in 2015 that reflect our growth and future direction of the organization. We hired a full-time News Director to spearhead our local news efforts, a Marketing Outreach Manager to promote our services and build community partnerships, and two new production staff members to assist our producers and create new WestfordCAT programming.

During the year, individuals and organizations provided valuable support by making donations of cash or services.  In kind donations were received from our CPA firm, Anstiss & Co., P.C. who discounted their services to make the review of our financial statements more affordable.  We also received sponsor-level memberships from the following organizations and businesses in 2015: Nab One Stop, NE UFO Conference, Enterprise Bank, Mary Kay, Westford Rotary, Roudenbush Community Center, Cameron Senior Center, WestFit Clubs, Edward Jones, and the Harkness Law Office. 

Potential State legislation may impact PEG Access, as in past years.  No legislation was passed on statewide franchising; however, there is a bill at the Federal level that was introduced in support of PEG access.  The Community Access Preservation Act calls for the removal of restrictions on PEG funding, reaffirms the requirement for equivalency with commercial channels, provides for a study on the effect of statewide franchising, and seeks to update the definition of a cable system.

The Comcast Licensing Agreement with the Westford Board of Selectmen expired at the end of 2014.  The CAC (Communications Advisory Committee) completed its negotiations with Comcast throughout most of 2015 and the Board of Selectmen approved and signed a new agreement in August that will boost our revenue significantly.

During 2016, we will continue to build on our momentum to incrementally improve WestfordCAT and provide our community with the appropriate facility, equipment, and services that will ensure the fulfillment of our mission and exceed community expectations. Thank you to everyone, including our supporters in the community, board and committee members, our corporate sponsors, all the producers and volunteers, and the hard working staff who make PEG access in Westford better each year.


Ira Keltz

Summary of Operations

Lauren Horton, Executive Director

The biggest news of 2015 at WestfordCAT was the finalized Comcast franchise renewal contract, which was negotiated by the town’s Communications Advisory Committee (CAC)’s members/volunteers Jim Silva, Tom Spuhler and Bob Fesmire. After operating without a new contract since the end of 2014, the new agreement was signed in August 2015 and run through 2024. It included several items that allow WestfordCAT to grow and better serve the community for years to come. The new contract increased the studio’s revenue from cable subscribers from 3.5% of Comcast’s total cable revenue to 5%. This 30% increase in our funding is instrumental in allowing us to expand the studio into the adjourning unit, better staff the facility and expand our services to the community. We saw a partial increase in our quarterly payments beginning in September. Due to language in the Verizon contract, their rate also increased to 5% to match the Comcast agreement. Comcast passes the funding for these grants through to Westford cable subscribers. The new contract also provides $10,000 in capital funds each year through 2024 to help pay for equipment upgrades. Comcast also agreed to decommission the town’s I-Net system and replace it with a fiber connection directly to WestfordCAT. That work is expected to complete in 2016.

In 2015 there were many special requests for coverage made by town departments and organizations and we responded by staffing or coordinating volunteers to record and/or broadcast live the meeting or event. The Planning Board held special meetings on the proposed fire station and the a proposed asphalt plant. At the schools request we covered three separate elementary school STEM Fairs. We also agreed to cover a town managers breakfast event, hosted by the newly formed Westford Business Association. We supported the League of Women Voters efforts to host warrant review and a candidates night as well as the candidates themselves with studio recordings of their message to voters. We collaborated coverage of a regional All Girls Challenge. And in December we hosted a Day of Holiday Cheer, where about 20 members, organizations, and local businesses came into the studio to record a holiday greeting for our programming and also for use on their own websites. We joined with other regional stations to run the Beacon Santa Telethon, a full weekend of entertainment and on-line auctioning, hosted at the Maynard High School to raise money for the area’s needy families.

We thank the Nashoba Tech Automotive Program for their efforts in sprucing up our WestfordCAT van by touching up the paint and updating the van’s graphics with our new logo. Great job kids!    


We added several new programs and series to our channel lineups. Multiple town events were also recorded including coverage of Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day, Apple Blossom Parade and Festival, Town Common Menorah Lighting, Jim Arciero’s Sun Santa event, the town election and warrant review coverage, the Scientists and Inventors Fair, the 4-H Fair, Town-wide Strategic Planning Retreat, Planning Board and Zoning Board of Appeals meetings, and the March and October Town Meetings. A number of new popular series began in 2015 including our own bi-weekly WestfordCAT News, Round Roudy from the Roudenbush Community Center, Nashoba Grizzlies Youth Hockey and Weather with Joe Sepe. Weathering the Weather with Ed transitioned into The Ed Cohen Variety Show in October. We also continued to record new episodes of Local Music Rocks, Legal Ease, Health Factor, Around Town, Meet the Members, Main Street Westford, and numerous CAT Tracks which are short features of events and news from Westford. 

Total Programs Added to Our VOD Library in 2015: 326

WestfordCAT News

A strategic decision to incorporate local news content into our community service delivery allowed us to hire Andrew Sylvia full time and transition the Westford Template daily news site over to our own in February. The site features several new local stories each weekday, as well as content provided by the community and local organizations. Subscribers to WestfordCAT News receive daily 6 a.m. emails with highlights on our latest stories.

  • 2015 Total Visits:  110,751
  • 2015 Total Page Views: 165,088

This initiative tied in perfectly with our new bi-weekly 30-minute WestfordCAT News program that was initially produced by George Cox throughout most of 2015 and then by Steve Edwards, in close conjunction with Andrew Sylvia and Patty Stocker. Government, school, and local businesses as well as volunteers provide segments such as Superintendent’s Corner with Bill Olsen and Jodi Ross’s Westford Town Manager Update, Rekha Sharma’s Health Tips, Dan Twomey’s Westford Academy Athletics Updateand Joe Sepe’s Weather Forecast, plus an Upcoming Events segment. The program allows both TV and web viewers from all over the world access to local Westford news stories, current events, and special features.  It has made it easier for more people to get involved by participating in small segments on a regular basis rather than a full 30-minute program.  Local organizations, businesses, school and government representatives, and community members all have easy access to a Westford-specific audience by featuring a segment or acting as a correspondent on the news program.


We had numerous staff changes in 2015 to support our expanded focus and services. Andrew Sylvia began working full-time in January as our News Director. Our longest serving staff member, Anya Zulawnik, left her Membership Manager role in May. Sarah Fletcher, former Executive Director of the Middlesex West Chamber of Commerce, joined our organization as our Marketing Outreach Manager in August. Production Manager George Cox left for a new position at Acton TV in November. And we brought two new part-time staff members on board, Patty Stocker in a Production Coordinator role to handle our post-production needs and Nick Woodbury as Production Technician to cover our meetings and other town-related events. Steve Edwards continued to excel in his role of Programming Coordinator and Mark Rocheleau assisted us as needed with planning, troubleshooting and other technical equipment issues.

Facilities and Equipment

Anticipating a larger budget when our franchise agreement with Comcast was renewed, we began working with our landlord on an office expansion plan, providing individual offices and cubicles for the staff, a larger reception area, additional studio and equipment storage areas, and moving our editing suite to the front area. We added four security cameras at the entrances and exits of the station that can be remotely monitored by computer or smartphone. We also purchased a portable multi-camera high definition switcher and recorder and an IP streaming device for sending a live feed over the internet back to the studio in buildings where live feeds are not available.


All of our staff was involved in expanding our training class offerings again in 2015. We offered expanded youth programs to include a four-week workshop for homeschoolers, and a five-day “Lights, Camera, Action!” Summer Youth Camp, in conjunction with the Roudenbush Community Center, which attracted 14 attendees. Multiple Cub Scout dens and Girl Scout/Boy Scout troops also visited the studio to work on earning their merit badges and to create PSA’s. We also held our regular producer classes several times over the past year.  10  attendees came to spring workshop training, 14 attended the fall workshops and 10 were at our winter workshops.

Membership and Volunteers

At last year’s Annual Membership Meeting in July we honored two members, presenting the 2015 Student Volunteer of the Year award to Sophie Haque, who was a weekly volunteer from the Valley Collaborative, and the 2015 Adult Volunteer of the Year to Ed Cohen for his efforts in creating dozens of episodes of his show over the previous year.

We were very pleased to host numerous student volunteers and interns throughout the year including Sophia Haque, Joe Sepe, Nick Woodbury, Kyra Kruger, Gavi Zahavi, and Kaylee Hartnett.  They provided editing assistance, created PSAs, station IDs, archived older meetings, provided content for WestfordCAT News, and much more.

Members of our community who wish to become involved with PEG Access can attend training sessions provided in a number of different formats from formal workshops, to individual or group customized trainings, as well as special lectures that cover specific topics. Tours are also given to scout troops, upon request, as an opportunity to learn more about communications, media and PEG Access.

Total Studio Sign-ins in 2015: 622


20 Locally Produced Series, 165 Episodes 

Around Town (5)

CAT Tracks (52)

From the Hill (4)

Holiday Cheers (13)

Legal Ease (7)

Local Music Rocks (6)

Main Street Westford (1)

Meet the Members (2)

Musings and Meditations (5)

Out of this World (12)

PDT Girls (2)

Rotary in Action (3)

Round Roudy (2)

Second Opinion (3)

Senior Spot (2)

The Ed Cohen Variety Show (5)

The Health Factor (6)

The Richardson Method (1)

Weathering the Weather with Ed (18)

WestfordCAT News (16)

19 Locally Produced Specials

All Girl Challenge – Niki Tsongas Speech

Apple Blossom Festival 2015

Battle of the Bands 2015

Blues N Brews Special

Forgotten Westford

Light Up the Night Special

North Star Talent Show

Parker Village Presentation Special

Patriots Day Concert

Roudenbush Person of the Year - Ellen Harde

Strategic Planning Retreat 2015

Summer Video Camp Special

Toys for Tots Special

Veterans Day Special

WBA Barry Bluestone Special

WBA Town Managers’ Meeting

Westford Knight Unveiling Special

Westford Menorah Lighting 2015 Special

Westford Tree Lighting 2015 Special

29 Presented Program Series

A Healthier You (8)

Animal Adventures (3)

Bay State Baptist (27)

Chamber Chat (11)

Dacey's Divas (6)

Democracy Now! (56)

Faith Evangelical Free Church (3)

Groom-U (1)

Just the Facts (4)

Life Matters (26)

Long Live the Republic (5)

Lowell Folk Festival (7)

Money Talk (2)

Ooma's Cookie Jar (2)

Physician's Focus (10)

REELING: The Movie Review Show (18)

Shrink Rap (4)

TED Talks (46)

The Current Buzz (13)

The David Pakman Show (39)

The Folklorist (3)

The History Show (3)

The Jazz Room (8)

The Legal Edition (8)

The Mass Factor (7)

The Steve Katsos Show (17)

Town Talk (9)

Valley Homegrown (7)

Young at Heart (5)

Presented Program Specials

Christmas Comes But Once a Year (1944)

Hector's Hectic Life (1948)

Miracle on 34th Street (1955)

Scrooge (1935)

Christmas Jazz in Boston

Common Cents 2015

A Conversation with Larry Kramer

Carols and Cookies

Christmas Carols

Dear Rita

Music From Messiah

Provincetown Celebrates Supreme Court Ruling on Gay Marriage

The Promise of America


Locally Produced Series

School Committee Meetings

Story Time with Noni

Nashoba Grizzlies Hockey

NVTHS - Spring Concert 2015

NVTHS 45th Anniversary

NVTHS Graduation 2015

NVTHS Short Videos

NVTHS-45 Years

Locally Produced Specials

Light Up the Night

Abbot School STEM Fair 2015

Crisafulli School STEM Fair 2015

Volcanic Eruptions Living Lab

Blue Stormgears 2015

Blue Stormgears Plastic Bag Awareness

The Intern Files: Declassified

WA Graduation 2015

Presented Series

Eat Well, Be Happy

Expedition New England

Glitzy Gourmet

Lil Iguana

Math with Matthew

MCC Connects

The Chef Ron Lock

Video News from The Archaeology Channel

Wicked Good Food


Locally Produced Series

Annual Town Meeting 2015 AM

Annual Town Meeting 2015 PM

Board of Health (3 meetings)

Board of Selectmen (26 meetings)

Conservation Commission (23 meetings)

Finance Committee (13 meetings)

Planning Board (22 meetings)

School Committee (20 meetings)

Special Town Meeting 2015

Tax Possession and Sale Committee

Zoning Board of Appeals (6 meetings)

Locally Produced Specials

ABCs of Recycling 2013

Center Fire Station Study Presentation

Emerging Infections Seminar

Healthy Communities Forum

Healthy Lakes & Ponds Collaborative 2015

LWV ATM Warrant Review

LWV Candidates Night

LWV STM Warrant Review

LWV How to Run for Office

Strategic Planning Retreat 2015

Town Wide Facilities Study

Presented Series

Beacon Hill Buzz

Beyond the Badge

Your Federal Government