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Public Channel Schedule

01/19/2019 8:44am TED Talks - Tim Urban
01/19/2019 9:00am Local Music Rocks - The Jeff Root Band
01/19/2019 9:30am Local Music Rocks - Carlin Tripp
01/19/2019 10:00am The Jazz Room - #91
01/19/2019 11:00am WestfordCAT News - Friday, January 17, 2019
01/19/2019 11:30am Legal Ease - Adult Consequences of Juvenile Behavior
01/19/2019 12:00pm Hello Westford! - Living With Intention
01/19/2019 12:20pm Complete Connected Care - Exploring Urgent Care
01/19/2019 1:00pm The Ed Cohen Variety Show - More this and that and that and this
01/19/2019 1:30pm The Ed Cohen Variety Show - D-Day and Cole Porter
01/19/2019 2:00pm Barry's Place - Voter Choice
01/19/2019 3:00pm Full Circle Fitness - Eat Your Blues Away
01/19/2019 3:30pm Westford Healthbeat - Meet the Health Inspector
01/19/2019 4:00pm Ready, Set, Talk! - A Look Back at the Midterm Elections
01/19/2019 5:00pm Bridges to Community - Grand Opening of Roudenbush Community Center
01/19/2019 5:30pm Bridges to Community - 04 - Dementia Friend
01/19/2019 6:00pm Personal Finance Playbook - Tips for Student Loans
01/19/2019 6:30pm Personal Finance Playbook - Tips from a Recent Grad
01/19/2019 7:00pm Main Street Westford - New Beginnings Preview with Betsy Alvarez
01/19/2019 7:30pm Main Street Westford - Jose Ramirez
01/19/2019 8:00pm Russia Then and Now - Happy New Year from Russia
01/19/2019 8:30pm Russia Then and Now - Why Do Russians Celebrate Christmas After New Years?
01/19/2019 9:00pm Learning the Bible - Episode 5
01/19/2019 9:30pm PDT Girls - Detour