Merrimack Valley Medical Reserve Corp Presentation

Non-Profits Get Marketing Boost With Local TV

Merrimack Valley Medical Reserve Corp Presentation
Merrimack Valley Medical Reserve Corp Presentation

Non-Profits can benefit from free marketing and publicity with WestfordCAT.  There are several ways to spread the word about your upcoming fundraiser or special event and ongoing programs.    It’s easy to get started.

Here are six ways to boost your marketing efforts with your local TV station:

  1. Your event announcement can be shown on the Bulletin Board which plays on WCAT’s three channels throughout the day
  2. Schedule time in our studio to record a short Public Service Announcement (P.S.A. example) to play on the WCAT’s Channels in between programs.  You can use the teleprompter  – no memorizing needed!
  3. Submit an event announcement to be shared on the WestfordCAT News blog and TV show.
  4. A post-event video production using your video recordings or with WCAT Staff support (depending on staff availability) can be a great review and marketing tool for annual events.
  5. You’ll gain expanded reach with shared posts through WCAT’s social media channels: YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.
  6. If you’re feeling adventurous, create a quarterly or monthly program featuring topics related to your mission and goals. You can create a pilot show on Hello Westford! to try it out.

Clubs and organizations of all sizes can take advantage of the media coverage offered by local TV.  You’ll gain access to equipment, training and support with your free membership.   Here’s an idea: create a volunteer position in  your organization to work with the station! Video production training is ongoing and staff support is available by appointment.

Local TV gets your message out loud and clear.   Adding television marketing to your publicity plan will gain your special events great  exposure.  Organizations and clubs operating in Westford should include on your contact list when sending out press announcements.

In today’s social media environment, video is a key tool.  Videos created at WCAT are uploaded to our YouTube channel. This makes it very easy to share your message.  The videos can be addd to your email announcements and used on your website.

I hope you’ll take advantage of this multi-media marketing platform. It’s easy to get started with a bulletin board slide request – conveniently completed online.  Then email your press announcements to  Those two easy steps will get you started.

Come in for a tour of the station and bring fellow staff members and volunteers. You’ll be glad you did! (So will we!)