Get Started In Video Production At WestfordCAT

WCAT Producers
WCAT Producers

WestfordCAT is a community resource for video production education and training.  Videography equipment is available for our members to borrow.   Editing education and support on both PC and Mac platforms is available at the station in classes and also by appointment. WCAT has the tools and the level of support you might need to get you started in video production. And best of all, it’s all available at no charge to Westford cable subscribers.Join the upcoming Orientation Night being held on September 20 at 6:30PM. At this Introduction to WestfordCAT you will have a tour of the station and discover some of what Community Access Television is all about. You will learn about the equipment available in the studio and to borrow, the lending procedures and the value of being a member of WCAT.

You can follow-up the orientation with a two-hour Camera Operation Training on September 22 at 6PM. You’ll have hands on training with a JVC High-Definition Camcorder. Attaching all the accessories is part of the training, too: tripod, headphones, microphones and 64GB SD card. After the Orientation and Camera Operation classes you are able to take the camera, recording media, tripod, microphones,  and spare batteries  home for the weekend to practice what you just learned.

Video editing training is also available for up to four people at a time.  Editing with Adobe Premiere is being held on October 4 & 6.  Staff members are available by appointment to schedule ongoing editing support following this class. Mac training will be scheduled this fall. If you don’t have the computer equipment or the software at home you are welcome to schedule time at the station to use the resources here.

We’re here to help you discover the magic of video production. Who knows where you’ll end up, maybe even on TV!!