Video Production Classes at WCAT

We offer some really fun ways to create videos at WestfordCAT. Video production training helps you get started producing content for tv, websites and social media. We are offering classes on how to use our video cameras, the studio and our editing equipment. You can jump in whenever you’d like. Take one class or take all of them. If you are a resident and a cable subscriber, classes are free.  To see the current schedule use this link: Classes

Get started with the Orientation Night: An introduction to WestfordCAT.  In this session you will be introduced to the equipment and services available,  get a tour and demo of our studio and edit suite as well as see all the equipment we make available to the public to create programs.

Camera Operation Training  introduces you to the JVC High Definition Camera. We will discuss its basic features as well as important menu options that can either help you make amazing video, or cause unwanted problems. During the class, you will set up a camera, adjust the settings and record a short interview.

Intro to Mac Video Editing using Final Cut Pro X –  Learn to edit video using Final Cut Pro X.  Start by capturing and uploading footage; then add cuts, fades, music, graphics, and more. There’s power, speed and flexibility for video editors at every stage of the post-production workflow and now Final Cut Pro X features stunning 3D titles. (This is a two week class.)

How to Find the Story – Finding the story and knowing how to tell it is the foundation for bringing news to the community. WestfordCAT is seeking to cultivate a small and elite group of citizen journalists who will contribute to our professional weekly newscast by reporting and writing the news and taking photos and videos.  You will be walk away with the tools, techniques, and knowledge needed to report the news, and give you a platform for sharing your stories. We’ll explore the power and usefulness of Facebook and Twitter — as well as the pitfalls — and identify how the Internet has redefined the role of the journalist. Participants should bring a smart phone with camera to class, as well as a laptop, tablet or old-fashioned notebook and pen.

Look for these and other classes on our website under “Our Services,” then “Classes.”

Borrowing AV Equipment from WCAT 3 Easy Steps

Westford Community Access TV has AV equipment that residents can borrow to record events and activities.  There are a couple things you need to do before taking the equipment home for a few days. With  a little planning, you’ll be ready to capture the moments of a school play, sporting event, scout outing or festival day. on a professional HD JVC Camcorder. Continue reading Borrowing AV Equipment from WCAT 3 Easy Steps

Non-Profits Get Marketing Boost With Local TV

Merrimack Valley Medical Reserve Corp Presentation
Merrimack Valley Medical Reserve Corp Presentation

Non-Profits can benefit from free marketing and publicity with WestfordCAT.  There are several ways to spread the word about your upcoming fundraiser or special event and ongoing programs.    It’s easy to get started.

Here are six ways to boost your marketing efforts with your local TV station: Continue reading Non-Profits Get Marketing Boost With Local TV

Get Started In Video Production At WestfordCAT

WCAT Producers
WCAT Producers

WestfordCAT is a community resource for video production education and training.  Videography equipment is available for our members to borrow.   Editing education and support on both PC and Mac platforms is available at the station in classes and also by appointment. WCAT has the tools and the level of support you might need to get you started in video production. And best of all, it’s all available at no charge to Westford cable subscribers. Continue reading Get Started In Video Production At WestfordCAT