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Steve Edwards Technical Coordinator

Stephen Edwards

Steve Edwards

Technical Coordinator

A Westford resident, an alumni of the Westford Academy Marching Band, and an Eagle Scout, Steve Edwards is more or less a Westford townie these days, despite having only just blown in with the tumbleweeds during the late 1990s boom. His love of the WA Broadcast Club and teacher Brandon Eang's multimedia class led to a degree in television production from Hofstra University, but the realities of life for a liberal arts graduate in the years after the 2008 crash returned him to Westford. During that time, Steve found an ad for a job at WestfordCAT, where he is currently the resident technomancer.

Steve grew up glued to either the television or the computer screen, and so a role in video production of some sort always seemed inevitable. His position in public access television naturally follows the trajectory of his life; his five summers on staff at the Wah-Tut-Ca Scout Reservation in Northwood, New Hampshire, taught him patience and understanding as a mentor, preparing him to work with volunteers in the studio and edit room, and the practice of civic engagement he developed as both a Boy Scout and an Air Force brat shines through in his commitment to recording selectmen's meetings. Best of all, he gets to justify the inordinate amount of time he spends watching YouTube, Netflix, and HBO by calling it "research."


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